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Leak-Proof Hummer Bird Feeder for Outdoors

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  • Nectar Capacity : 12 ounce nectar capacity and 5 feeding ports to accommodate multiple hummingbirds.
  • Easy to Clean : The red lid can be easily opened for honey filling and cleaning. The complimentary brush will do a good job of cleaning the feeding mouth.
  • Honey moat: Fill the central sink with water to protect the honey from ants. It also provides drinking water for the birds.
  • Leak-Proof : Unlike automatic refill products, our hummingbird feeder do not exit pressure difference, so it is leak-proof.
  • Best structural design : Red lid is a hummingbird's favorite color and it can attract more fengn.The wide platform can accommodate more hummingbirds. They don't crowd when they eat or play.
  • Other Features : When you just add water to the container, it provides drinking water for the birds/Bath tub for birds